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From strategies to product launching to result-tracking, leave them all to us!
We have plenty of experiences in major sites of Amazon in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, and India.In 2019, we earned a revenue of more than 10 million for our customers
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Do these scenarios sound familiar to you?
One-Stop Account Management service can help you out.
Products can’t be sold, ads can’t be pushed, mines can’t escape ... what should I do
I know how to run Amazon, but I don't have the energy to do it myself
Why should I choose PrimePlus?
Because we can help you with...
Elite team of professional division of labor
PrimePlus has the most complete cross-border management team, from product strategy planning, page production, product listing to advertising, all have someone to perform for you.
Extensive experience in cross-border operations
PrimePlus successfully assisted 50+ brands in cross-border operations in Amazon's US, Canada, Europe, and Japan. Make customers' product pages and advertising content more grounded and create an endless flow of customers.
Exclusive cracking of the Amazon algorithm
All the information that should be put is put, and the goods still can't be sold? Invest a lot of advertising costs, but the results have not improved? PrimePlus' exclusive Amazon business philosophy, so you are no longer restricted by any unspoken rules.
Regularly obtaining professional strategy reports
There is no best performance, only better every time. PrimePlus will regularly provide sales performance and operational strategy recommendations reports, in-depth insight into the meaning behind the data, and do the most comprehensive optimization of commodities.
Our Clients
PrimePlus will push you and stand with you in success.
We’re together in this.
consulting team
Frills and fuss? Let me help you.
No matter what problems you encounter, money is not the answer to everything!!Let a professional cross-border consultant accompany you to clarify the current situation, then provide you the service that you need.
Project Management Team
Our profits depend on
customers’ revenue.
See the silver lining? Next, the project manager will customize a solution for you, formulate an Amazon combat strategy based on rich experience, and continue to track progress, control budget, and move towards a more brilliant performance together!
Market Analysis Team
Good idea takes you to heaven, but there is a basis to have success in the world
PrimePlus believes that creativity is not just about impractical ideas. The market analysis team uses big data and exclusive analysis techniques to master accurate market intelligence,determine the product’s market position and consumer insights.
Product Planning
Use creativity to bring stories into the hearts of consumers
Next, the product planning team will find insights from the big data and the current market,establish the resonance between the product advantage and the target customer group, anduse the graphic details of the creative packaging page to tell a good story for the product.
web design team
Every modification is for
better work
Humans are visual-oriented. Our UI/UX designers, being brilliant make-up artists, will apply according to the preferences of the target customer group to carefully makeup on your listing page to attract the click views.
Management Team
Save your money by targeted advertising to find potential customers.
We will filter out the most suitable type of advertising for you. And within the budget, maximize the effectiveness of advertising; continue to use ads to stabilize keyword rankings so that more people can see you!
management team
Fall in love with
working on Amazon
After the content is produced, we still need to be here; we will help you remove the knacks and traps on Amazon. The account management team that understands the game rules in the station best will be responsible for the shelf and basic background operations, allowing you to easily obtain income.
Scroll down and see the cases we’ve done successfully.
Case studies
Amazon US

Computer 3C

performance growth


Page view growth


many products have received
Amazon Choice
Amazon EU

Mobile phone protective case brand

(YoY, after taking over)
performance growth


Page view growth


many products have received
Amazon Choice
Amazon JP

Home kitchen

(YoY, after taking over)
performance growth


Page view growth


category ranking
11 th
Charge method
Charge plan
+ 600 USD
Monthly service fee|Each group of goods
No initial setup fee
Exclusive account manager for contact
Exclusive Brand Store
The monthly fee is 600USD /listing , and $600USD /listing for more than one.
Service Content
Each account has a professional manager, including the establishment of exclusive accounts, shelf products, professional sales reports, and marketing strategy planning services, which can effectively help you analyze and plan Amazon marketing strategies, maximize the efficiency of invested resources, and invest money in your own on the brand.
Marketing strategy planning
Advertising Management
Professional sales report
Product page optimization
Backstage basic operations
Off-site integrated marketing
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