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Product Launch

Let the goods be largely exposed, therefore bring forth endless network traffic on the website to boost the keyword ranking within your budget.
We’ve helped increase the revenue for the customers by 300% to 400% in 2020.
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Are you familiar with these scenarios?
Amazon Product Launch
could help you.
My product is good, but it can't appear on the first page of the keyword search
I am preparing to sell a new product. I want to boost the revenue in the "honeymoon period".
Sales have come to a bottleneck. I need a second wave of revenue.
So why choose PrimePlus?
Because we can achieve these

Outsmart the Amazon Algorithm
PrimePlus team has deeply mastered the Amazon algorithm mechanism and reversely uses the official game rules to let you easily beat the competitors.
In the short term, maximize product exposure
Time is money, we get it. PrimePlus will strongly expose your products, reach consumers around the world, and double the organic search traffic to Amazon.
Quickly increase your revenue.
Elevate the ranking of 10+ core keyword to introduce a lot of organic search traffic, it will automatically transfer to orders to show positive growth, and then finally become a virtuous circle.
Spend your money wisely.
We will strengthen the relevancy between the products and the keyword within a limited budget. In this way, let your products stand out from the competition when bidding with ads, with half the effort.
Our Customers
Case studies
US stand

Electronic charger brand

Original single-day average unit volume
0 ~ 20 orders
Using Amazon
Product Launch
Today's single-day average unit volume:
80 ~ 100 orders
spend about 15 samples per day for 20 days. A total of 300 samples were delivered.
The customer’s products reached the top 10 products of the first page via 12 core keywords. A total of 10K of monthly imports of search volume.Generated 60-80% of the single-day growth of the product organic search traffic.
Charge method
Our charge method is simple and transparent, only charged the execution fee.
Each sample sent charged
(untaxed) handling fee
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