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From media exposure, influencer cooperation, to SEO content creation, all are handled by our professional team!
More than 2 million exposures of marketing content, creating doubled performances and page views for customers.
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Are you familiar with these scenarios?
Global Influencer Marketing service
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I’m looking for influencers in the States, but don't know where to start.
I’m on a tight budget. How do I have the most impact with suitable influencer marketing?
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Understand the market: no short end of the stick
The PrimePlus PR team has been deeply involved in overseas markets for many years. In addition to their own operations, they also maintain good relations with various US brokers / public relations companies to strive for the best price for you.
Understand communication: save you the cost of jet lag
PrimePlus' head office is located in Taipei. You only need to communicate with our specialist in the Taiwan office, reducing the cost of communication.
Understand the process: quality control + effectiveness return
PrimePlus is familiar with the communication and cooperation of the U.S. media and Internet celebrities. We will check all the processes for you and generate content that meets your needs. We will also provide a complete performance report after cooperation.
Understand the market: localized marketing enhances the performance
PrimePlus has many partners in the United States and is always aware of the latest local marketing trends to help you move forward in overseas markets and maximize the performance of mutual cooperation.
Our Clients
PrimePlus will push you and stand with you in success.
We’re together in this.
consulting team
Frills and fuss? Let me help you.
No matter what problems you encounter, money is not the answer to everything!!Let a professional cross-border consultant accompany you to clarify the current situation, then provide you the service that you need.
Project Management Team
Our profits depend on
customers’ revenue.
See the silver lining? Next, the project manager will customize a solution for you,formulate an Amazon combat strategy based on rich experience,and continue to track progress, control budget,and move towards a more brilliant performance together!

Overseas Market
Public Relations Team
As long as I am there, you will not be at the short end of the stick.
To cooperate with foreign influencers, you must understand the local market. Just tell us your expectations, we will take care of every detail, from finding the best match to closing the case.
Scroll down and see the cases we’ve done successfully.
Case studies
Amazon US

Computer Accessories

Successfully got the Top3 Tech YouTuber to film a promo video at almost zero cost
(Worth over 20,000 USD)
The video was watched by 1.8 million viewers and exposed to more than 2 million people, resulting in a significant increase in brand buzz.
Help customers double their sales and traffic to their product listings.
Amazon US

Baby Products Brand

Baby product brands cooperate with YouTuber to produce high-quality videos for customers to follow up on advertising and listing optimization.
A positive interaction rate of 9.4% was obtained with a good response.(The average interaction rate is only 3-6%)
Amazon US

Beauty and Cosmetics Products

Successfully exposed several high-quality videos and copywriting among the cosmetics red sea market, which is beneficial to the subsequent use of manufacturers.
The total organic traffic has been exposed to more than 500,000 people. 0.01 USD per impression.
Charge method
We offer a transparent fee structure which we collect from the actual advertising fee by
(before taxes)
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