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We're the only ones who can do it. Effectively track and analyze the effectiveness of Google's advertising into Amazon.
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The customer's overall performance has been successfully improved by 77.3%
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Do these scenarios sound familiar to you?
Google to Amazon service
can give you a hand.
Sales have reached the bottleneck, but I want to attract new customers.
I have tried every advertising strategy on Amazon, what is the next step?
Google ads sound great, but would it work for my product?
Why should I choose PrimePlus?
Because we can help you with...
Generate a second wave of your revenue
With our advertising service exclusively partnered with Google, you no longer need to fall into the price war trap of Amazon, try to open up your main battlefield and make your performance hit a new peak.
Applicable or not?
Want to know if you are suitable for Google advertising?With the official assistance of Google, we have developed an exclusive framework system to find the best option for you based on your marketing needs.
Find your own Google advertising model
Search ads, multimedia ads, video ads ... which one is your type? We will recommend the best advertising combo based on the current market situation, strive to transfer orders and traffic, and not miss any potential opportunities.
Optimize advertising to grasp potential customers
After Google ads are imported into Amazon, is the churn rate high? PrimePlus will accurately target your audience and make every penny of advertising cost worthwhile.
Optimize Amazon ads with Google ads
Use Google ads to emphasize product features, thereby enhancing specific keywords on Amazon. Moreover, our exclusive technology can deeply analyze the product strategy on Amazon, so that your advertising effects can be doubled up.
利用Google廣告強調產品特點,進而提升Amazon站內的特定關鍵字。而且,我們的獨家技術可深入分析Amazon上的產品經營戰略,讓你的廣告發揮1+1 > 2 的效益。
Our Clients
PrimePlus will push you and stand with you in success.
We’re together in this.
consulting team
Frills and fuss? Let me help you.
No matter what problems you encounter, money is not the answer to everything!!Let a professional cross-border consultant accompany you to clarify the current situation, then provide you the service that you need.
Project Management Team
Our profits depend on
customers’ revenue.
See the silver lining? Next, the project manager will customize a solution for you,formulate an Amazon combat strategy based on rich experience,and continue to track progress, control budget,and move towards a more brilliant performance together!
Management Team
Save your money by targeted advertising to find potential customers.
We will first assess whether you are suitable for Google advertising, then use the off-site tracking technology jointly developed with Google to develop a comprehensive advertising strategy for you and find more potential consumers.
Scroll down and see the cases we’ve done successfully.

We're the only ones
who can do it.

Amazon and Google have been going their own ways in terms of cross-border e-commerce. Those who tried to use Google ads to generate more Amazon traffic usually end up having "ineffective" results due to the difficulty to track and analyze Amazon’s off-site traffic data, making it impossible to optimize the ads.

The good news is that PrimePlus has spent a lot of time in testing and system development, and has developed an innovative and unique Google-to-Amazon advertising connecting system. It’s no longer a dream to track off-site traffic effectively.
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