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Amazon Advertising

We can help you maximize your customer lead generation under competitive ad budgets.
2019 Amazon Ads volume worth over one million in USD dollars, led clients to over ten-million in revenue
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Are you familiar with these scenarios?
Amazon Advertising Optimization
could help you.
Amazon's products are diverse, how can I stand out from the competitors?
I spent a large advertising budget, but I couldn't see the results.
Why should I choose PrimePlus?
Because we can help you with...
We care about your ad expenses and performance return.
Our goal is not to ask you to spend big money on advertising but rather maximize your ad expense dollars on the overall sales revenue that your products can generate.
Find the right Amazon ad trends.
Have no clue on the type of Amazon ads for your business?Our professional team has the expertise on the specific product & industry, and can provide value-added advertisement to make your spending worthwhile.
Continuously optimized ads lead to total revenue growth
We constantly improve your keyword search ranking to let potential clients’ search find you right away. Utilizing Ads to boost your sales record and let your products constantly generate revenue for your brand.
Break down Amazon algorithm
PrimePlus has the know-how of the Amazon algorithm, and we use backtrack model from the Amazon’s rule book to get your product in a good position upon launching.
Our Clients
PrimePlus will push you and stand with you in success.
We’re together in this.
consulting team
Frills and fuss? Let me help you.
No matter what problems you encounter, money is not the answer to everything!!Let a professional cross-border consultant accompany you to clarify the current situation, then provide you the service that you need.
Project Management Team
Our profits depend on
customers’ revenue.
See the silver lining? Next, the project manager will customize a solution for you,formulate an Amazon combat strategy based on rich experience,and continue to track progress, control budget,and move towards a more brilliant performance together!
Management Team
Save your money by targeted advertising to find potential customers.
We will filter out the most suitable type of advertising for you. And within the budget, maximize the effectiveness of advertising; continue to use ads to stabilize keyword rankings so that more people can see you!
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Case studies
Amazon U.K

Coffee Filter
Cup Brand

Ads revenue growth


among other products

Ranks top 30

Amazon J.P

Cell Phone
Protector Case Brand

Ads Revenue growth


among other products

Ranks top 100

Amazon U.S

Computer &  Electronic Gadgets

Ads Revenue growth


among other products

Ranks top 10

Charge method
We offer a transparent fee structure which we collect from the actual advertising fee by
before taxes
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