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Our Mission
A good product deserves world acknowledgement.
Crossing-border business made easy with PrimPlus.
We're committed to making global business easier.At PrimePlus, we believe that good brands / products should not be limited by region. With Amazon, we will take our local brands / products to the global stage.
PrimePlus Spirit
Every Day is Your “Day 1”
Day 1” philosophy is the concept adopted by Amazon’s founder and  CEO, Jeff Bezos. Since every day there is a first day of enthusiasm and vigilance, we focus on results and not process before executing each of our project.
Our clients are more than our clients.
We treat our customers like partners on the same a boat, and when it comes to working together, PrimePlus is not just about executing. We treat our clients' brands as if they were our own and flexibly manage them to bring in new business opportunities with unimaginable creativity and ideas!
Bold, Optimizing, and Beyond
In the ever changing world of e-commerce, we never stop challenging ourselves. We think outside of the box, and boldly evolve our e-commerce strategy to stay ahead of our competitors. We frequently share the latest knowledge with Amazon sellers worldwide and keep us up-to-date with the latest trends, so that we are always fully prepared! This is why we can make cross-border business easy for you.
利用Google廣告強調產品特點,進而提升Amazon站內的特定關鍵字。而且,我們的獨家技術可深入分析Amazon上的產品經營戰略,讓你的廣告發揮1+1 > 2 的效益。
Meet Our Founders
Jimi Feng
PrimePlus Co-Founder & CEO
Spoze Shen
PrimePlus Co-Founder & CEO

The Founder Jimi & Spoze have been in the e-commerce market since 2012 and have realized the unlimited sales potential that the overseas market has to offer. Jimi & Spoze decided to launch the third partner service provider to help Taiwanese brands to tap into the overseas market after discovering the great product quality that the Taiwaneses manufacturers can provide.As a pioneer of today’s fast growing cross-border eCommerce service provider, they continue to carry on the adventurous business senses to adapt to market changes, to challenge the instability of the cross-border eCommerce industry, and to constantly execute outside the box to deliver top-notch sales results with their partners.